An Effective Tactic For Progressive Democrats

Here is one of my favorite, effective tactics for Progressive Democrats who participate in protests, demonstrations and marches:

Because it is early in the 2018 campaign cycle, you can take this time to become an effective protester, demonstrator or marcher for or against a particular issue. Just make sure it is a non-violent protest. If it is simply an angry mob in the street throwing Molotov cocktails, you will turn off a lot of support. The other thing to remember is most protests and marches enjoy their 3 minutes of fame on the nightly news, so if you want to have a more effective impact use this effective tactic. Buy a pack of 4×6 blank cards and 25 postcard stamps at your post office. On one side print the address of the Senator or House Member from your state or congressional district. On the other side print your message. For example, “Don’t Let The Republicans Throw 20 Million People Off Medicaid. Save The Affordable Care Act!” Be creative and have fun designing your card. Leave room at the bottom for the sender’s signature. Hand the card to 25 another people in the march or protest ask them to sign the card. Thank them but keep the card and mail them all afterwards. The cost to you should be around 10 bucks. Less than the cost of a meal at , Red Lobster or the Golden Corral buffet. You made your impact transcend the 3 minutes of fame with this effective tactic.  Marches, demonstrations and protests are important, using this  effective tactic makes your activism have more  impact than just getting your exercise or losing your voice from chanting catchy slogans. Which makes your involvement worthwhile in several ways.