The Republican Senate Majority…The Best Money Can Buy

On Tuesday of this week, the Republican Majority in the United States Senate proved once again that they are the best money can buy. In a 50-50 tie vote, Vice President Pence cast the deciding vote to repeal the rule initiated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that allows private citizens to avoid arbitration and have their day in court.

According to an article in The Hill, Maria Glover a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, where she specializes in civil procedure and complex litigation, the action taken by the Republicans violates two essential values of the American system of jurisprudence. First, persons who have been been harmed by the  illegal actions of big corporate banks and other financial institutions should be allowed to bring their claim either as individuals or members of a class action suit to court. Second, if a court or jury determine the person or the group have proven a valid claim, then they should be able to recover their losses.

Desperate to show their constituents that they could pass something this sessions, the Republicans squeezed out a victory of sorts with repeal of the CFPB rule. They depend on Wall Street, corporate banks and various other financial institutions to fill their campaign offers. Evidently they have no qualms about selling out American consumers, veterans, small businesses, and senior citizens for thirty pieces of silver.

However, a few Democrats didn’t go quietly into the night on this issue. The voice of Senator Elizabeth Warren once again showed us no fear in chastising her Republican colleagues for failing to protect everyday American citizens. She says it best here:

The Republican’s only hope now is that the “most intelligent president in history” we stay focused long enough to sign the bill. He will obviously not know or even suspect what it about anyway.

Thank you Senator Warren for showing us what it really means to govern and represent the interests of average, everyday Americans. You make us proud!