Welcome To 2018…The Year of the Resistance

Wishing all of you who have visited this site since its inception a very Happy New Year. I took some time off during the holidays to enjoy other parts of my life that are important to me. But now I am back and will be posting on a more regular basis.

I believe that 2018 will be the year of the Resistance. It will be the year we the people take back our government, we will restore our values and decency as a nation, and we will send a very strong message to the White House and the Congress. While the pundits in Washington speculate on what the Democrats must do to accomplish this, it is apparent to me they just don’t get it. The Resistance movement is not about a Democrat agenda. It is a progressive movement. A cloak of many colors, ideals, hopes, and cultural diversity. It is a movement that seeks to unite us not divide us. It is movement whose time has come and is sorely needed.

The pundits are right about one thing. The current occupant of the White House is a lightening rod of anger with most in The Resistance. There are not enough adjectives to describe this malignant cancer at the helm of our nation. Suffice to say that he is the epitome of narcissism, self-aggrandizement, and total incompetence. Never mind the man is incapable of telling the truth. If his lips are moving, he is lying. Never mind that his has in the course of his presidency, alienated our closest allies, while refusing to acknowledge the Russian interference in the 2016 election. There is no doubt that Trump will be a significant motivator for The Resistance in the 2018 elections. However, The Resistance will not be successful if it focuses solely on bashing Trump. I believe that he is already baked into the cake. He will only get worse as the year goes on.

Over the course of the next month I will offer some insights into what a Progressive agenda might look entail going forward. They are just some thoughts I have had over the years that may be valid and open for policy development. If you have ideas, you would wish to share don’t hesitate to comment on any of my posts. Thanks for reading theprogressivedemocrat.blog