Author: The Progressive Democrat

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We Must Never Forget This Effort By Trump To MAWA….It Is Time To Stand Up Against Tyranny

The Trump administration family separation policy, is part of its “zero tolerance” policy announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April of this year. Under the policy, federal authorities separated children from their  parents, relatives, or other adults who accompanied them in crossing the border, whether apprehended during an illegal crossing or, in numerous reported cases, legally presenting themselves for asylum.

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Talking Points For Progressive Democrats….They Aren’t Just For Candidates Anymore.

There is a reason the average voter turnout in the 2018 general election in United States will be 40% of eligible voters, by a couple of percentage points more or less. There is a reason voter approval ratings of Congress are somewhere in the low teens. If a candidate and their supporters want to win their election, this strategy needs to be employed by the campaign in my humble opinion.

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Mueller Brings 12 More Indictments….More To Come

In view of these indictments, despite calls by members of Congress and former members of the intelligence community, for the president to cancel his summit meeting with Valdemar Putin, he nonetheless has chosen to proceed to the summit. Exactly what the president will say to Putin will be unknown to the American public because the only persons in the meeting s will be two translators.