Author: The Progressive Democrat

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No More Prayers, Thoughts, Sympathies, And Excuses From Republican Members Of Congress…Do Your Job!

And it is high time the Republican Congress dealt with the source of this terrorism and stand up for the American people and against the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre, million dollar a year shill for the gun and ammunition manufacturers. Congress needs to reinstate the assault weapons ban, reinstate their recent revocation of the mental illness regulation, ban bump stocks, enact universal background checks and do something right for a change, instead of filing their reelection campaigns with the blood money offered by the gun lobby for their complicity.

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The Wisdom Of George McGovern-Part 3

No one expected George McGovern to win the presidential nomination in 1972. But he did. His victory left the party “establishment” in shock. How could a Democrat senator from the middle of nowhere walk away with a major party’s nomination for the presidency. Representing a state like South Dakota, a bastion of conservative Republican politics with four electoral votes, was unheard of.