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Witch Hunt?….Come On Man!

The arguments presented by these sycophants (not only candidates but current members of Congress) seeking to derail and end the Mueller investigation are best summed up in the president’s phrase parroted by Mueller’s detractors “Witch Hunt.” As Mueller and his team methodically work their case, the volume is getting louder. Conservatives on the Hill have gone to great lengths to create the impression that Mueller has lost credibility.

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Drain The Swamp?…This Swamp Creature Has To Go Now!

Given the daily twitter distraction frenzy out of the White House and the almost daily presidential press conference featuring Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose stock-in-trade is lying for the president, it becomes easy to forget some of the more important matters the president has promised the nation. The list is quite long including both domestic and foreign policies. This one should not be ignored anymore.