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Why A New Military Draft Is Possible Under The Trump Administration

While there is no question we live in a nuclear age, numerous countries are capable of severely damaging or even destroying the planet, the actual possibility of this is remote. Any attempt of a pre-emptive military action would certainly be met with a response. Therefore, a nuclear pre-emptive strike would be unthinkable given the essential economic and power dynamics of the major world powers. It is more likely that any pre-emptive strike would take the form of conventional warfare. That is where Bolton’s strategy is not only flawed, but his tactics would be absurd as well.

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These Two “Favorite Sons” Are Just A Couple of “Chicken-Hawks”

Bolton is more than willing to have others do the actual fighting in any given military action. He is more than willing to sacrifice the young men and women, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers of our nation to be killed, wounded, or maimed for life. For all of Bolton’s bravado, when given the opportunity to serve his country, he dodged it.