Contrary To Trump’s Protests…Robert Mueller’s Investigation Is No Hoax!

This past Friday, Special Consul Robert Mueller confirmed what most of us have believed for months. Russia interfered with our 2016 election and are continuing to interfere today. The current occupant of the White House has lost his last shred of credibility, if he ever really had any regarding the Russian cyber-attack on our nation. The president’s favorite terms for the Mueller investigation, “witch hunt”, “fake news”, and “hoax” have been swept into the pile of defunct red herrings and are no longer relevant. The questions before us now are; to what extent does all this mean going forward, what must our leaders do now to protect our democracy and punish Russia for its assault on our freedoms and finally what is our role as citizens in response to the Russian threats?

Blogs are not supposed to be long treatise’s. Most Americans want their news and opinion pieces delivered to them through electronic carry-out windows which they share with their social media “friends” and “followers”. To understand the significance of  the recent Mueller indictments may require some time on your part. If you read the entire text of the indictment document, you will have accomplished three important things.

First, you will get an appreciation for just how extensive and ominous the Russian overall attack was. It began in 2013, long before anyone in the American public was aware of such activities. Russian operatives actually invaded our country to gather intelligence which would prove helpful at a latter date. The Russian cyber-attack and invasion of Russian operatives on U.S. soil reads like something straight out of spy thriller. If you read nothing else this month, read this indictment. Unlike the spy thriller, it isn’t fiction, it is real. The BBC makes the full text of the indictment here:

Second, this phase of the Mueller investigation was more than an announcement of an indictment(s). Rather, it is what is commonly called a “speaking” indictment by the legal and law enforcement community. It gives 37 pages of details, not only about the 13 Russians and 3 entities indicted, but a thorough and extensive report on the magnitude and disruption of the Russian attack. This document alone should cause Americans to take a hard look at all the efforts by the Trump administration and their Republican sympathizers to denigrate and disparage our intelligence professionals. The Mueller investigation is just beginning to announce its findings. There should be a lot of nervous nellies at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Third, if you took the time to read the indictment or even some of it, you have done more to actually inform yourself of the Russian attack on our country and the ongoing efforts of the Russians to disrupt the 2018 mid-term elections, than the president of the United States. By his own admission he doesn’t read. Far be it from him to have to face the facts of the Russia’s attacks. The current occupant of the White House will no doubt go ballistic and try to spin whatever he can from these indictments. His tirades against our intelligence community and the Mueller investigation are simply an exercise in stupidity. He should be honoring his oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Unfortunately for us, the current occupant of the White House has neither honor nor concern for the well-being of the nation.